Saturday, December 14, 2013


give up your sex
release your flesh
dispose of your desires
what are you?

to the Kingdom
BeHold His Grace
Live in His Light
be Changed.

grow in Faith
what mountains
in your mind
compare to Zion?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Is The Third Day

castles of His Light
a Crystal cadence
frequently known

outside of man
a step
upon the way.

Monday, December 09, 2013


who amongst us has sinned?

simple enough conversation starter
i'm wondering who's afraid of themselves
who's told them
where'd they come to reason
who IS their God?

what side of their face do they need
slapping upon?

i've made my time
constantly available
as it is
as Life would allow for it
as you must live your life
so sayeth i thee thusly
change as the wind
inject yourself with love
a fullness unknown
not merely a concept
of an age.

there are two types of Christians
those who measure themselves amongst us
(against God)
or those whos measure themselves 
with God.

by His side
hearing His word
basing one's life
to His completion.

allowing the Spirit
to move through one's 
utterly comical and
i press on
as though His Whole Reality
lives through me
in His Name.

i function
to His utmost Glory.
damned as i am.
ne'er forgiven
as a Foundation of Humanity
ne'er to accept
God in their lives!

(a functioning delinquent)
my birth into His kingdom
must surely await my trials
here on Earth.
in whatever interpretation
survives you.
i see a subserviant upsurge
far off the horizon
in UnLimited
time and space.

i do not
and won't
diminish God
He would Never live
amongst us.
i am a fair believer
in Miracles
but if I read the Bible
we've got a thing or two
before He Comes.

did i mention the interaction
the other day in our Christian
(my online Church group in SL)
got down and dirty
no disregard to "mundane" if i could
use a term
much too bandied about
let's not even mention Xmas again
we'd hate to contend with

that being the case
"you follow Christ do you?"
a glint in the corner of his eye
flickered ever so subtly
upon my visual representation.
"ever so Especially
His every Word
a nuance for chasticement
and buffoonery
His children."
"blah blah blah blah ..."
{...i want your Blood for Satan...}
 ~roughly translated

i tried suppressing an audible ghasp
my countenance despondant
malnourished rapiers
consider their plot
against the Word.
should they know.

it was unGodly
ministering to
a fellowship gathering
like some sort
of imagined fool
Our Faith!

i won't delve
into instruction
for his case
i'm not telling you
how to think
what you know
how so far from
His Heart
i could never be.

your flailing
(to the point of ignoring
your daughter)
to impart some professorial glory
to your own self image
never having been conveyed
to you 
is rebuked.

my advice:
Book Chapter Verse(s)
then blah, blah, blah

Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Best Wine for Last

taking in the inanities
fervently desirous
of sharing scriptures
i hear a soliloquy
of obeying God.

not that we've fallen
so far from His Grace
that our lives
Without Him
are rather mundane
and rejected.

our lessons
amongst one another
sharing our fellowship
in Christ
(or at least i had presumed)
amounted to
disregarding Him
as effortlessly as
avoiding Him altogether.

in reflection
i'm new to the scene
horrified indeed
that goes without saying
but still
respecting Christ's Story
as we might recall
could have a higher priority.

we'll see.
on each occasion
there will be quiet recognition
and fulfillment
of His Light in us.

i'm the worst
in accounting for my discoveries
in His Words

my comprehension
of the times we are in
and the place
i perceive we take
beside Him
won't fill the Cloud
i long to be.

how ardently
He swells my Heart
at the hint of His Acceptance
without blemish
without form
His Countenance is felt
through His strength
His Anointed Sanctity
His Illuminated Projection of Absolute Love
towards you
upon you
because of you
without judging.

our Father
who art in Heaven
grant us
receive us
unto Your Heart
as I do You
under Heaven
the New Jerusalem.

And There Came a Time

i visited with a Bible study group today.
second time, all different save one.
watching and relating to
Biblical prose
quoted as the topics
are addressed
was quite daunting
and revelatory
at the same time.

each and every one of us
a gift to God
(my Saviour Jesus Christ)
shood His Blood redeem you
the works of God
(in the Body of Christ)

my mother
bore me
Christ gave me breath.

(had to say that
you'd be amazed
by how many huffs
i get when i say that
about that Sainted Lady
my alleged mama.)

back to the story.
so i thought i'd pipe up
'bout. that bugaboo

oooh, did the room flee
defending their adaptation
to someone else's Kingdom
(SARCASM: praise Babylon /SARCASM)
subverting their study
or application thereof

i was bold enough
to propose that
as Israel we all believers are,

should consider His Festivals
written in His Holy Bible
by His People
Who Will Never Die.

pagan traditions are for pagans.
you can live amongst them
save them if you can
but hey
we have a God
Supreme Over All.

it's their religion you worship
with their soul fooled
pervasive and pernicious
i fell pray to it
shortly past birth.

redeemed in His Blood
my cultural brain washing
hasn't prevailed
my recovery to His Way
washed away the veil from my eyes
and i earnestly pursued His Word
and simply proceeded to apply it
without question.

your consumption may vary
but i steeped myself in the Bible
both fascinated and entranced
(guess you could say i was smitten)
gorging on the palette afforded me.

my paper reading and study
is wholly inadequate
vs my online skills
i've only reached Isaiah.
sludging through Job
and skipping Psalms
it looks like
Jesus is Nigh!

it's such a blessing
coming to Christ
at such a late date
in my wretched life.

taking to His Word
was as natural
as a bee to pollen.
being afflicted
in His Name
a burden undenied
a wholly ruin
by His Holy Blood
Praise Jesus
the Father, the Spirit, the Holy Ghost